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What is root canal therapy?

Root Canal AlhambraFor patients to understand what root canal therapy is, Dr. Andrew Mutch first explains the structure of the teeth, detailing how the root canals are also referred to as the pulp chambers that are hollow spaces inside the tooth containing blood vessels and nerve endings, collectively known as the pulp. When the tooth becomes overridden by tooth decay and the enamel starts to become cracked, chipped, or begin to develop cavities, the infection could easily spread into the root canal and affect the pulp. This is what causes the patient to feel pain and discomfort. Root canal therapy is a process that involves the removal of the infected pulp so that the root canal chamber could be reinforced to maintain its structure, and ultimately prevent premature extraction of the affected tooth.

What happens during root canal therapy?

Root canal is a technique that is carried out in stages so that the infected tooth is prepared properly for the restoration. Typically, when the patient comes in for the first visit, the affected tooth is numbed using local anesthesia to eliminate discomfort as the dentist drills into the tooth to expose the root canal chamber. The infected pulp will be removed along with all the blood vessels and nerve endings. The hollowed out pulp chamber will be cleaned, reshaped, and a desensitizing agent will be applied to make sure that the tooth is essentially dead by destroying any remaining nerve endings completely. A temporary filling will be used to seal in the desensitizing agent and the patient will be asked to return after the recommended waiting period. During the second visit, the temporary filling is removed and a permanent filling will be applied into the cavity to prevent the area from being contaminated. In most cases, dentists recommend the use of a dental crown to cover the treated tooth to help protect it from any further infection.

What results are expected from root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy essentially saves the tooth from being extracted and restores its structure. The functionality of the patient’s mouth is preserved as well because it will continue to function normally without the trouble presented by missing teeth. Teeth that have been treated with root canal therapy are expected to last indefinitely with proper dental hygiene.

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