Emergency Dentist Near Me in Alhambra

A toothache is considered one of the most excruciatingly painful experiences that you can have, even compared to lacerations and burns. This is because of the persistent and chronic nature of the pain that only seems to be increasing over time with very no resolution. Arranging a last minute appointment with any dentist in Alhambra, CA can be frustrating and difficult. That is why Dr. Lynn Mutch offers the best and most flexible emergency dental care in Alhambra, providing a much needed form of relief from the chaos associated with scheduling sudden dental appointments during dire times.

As a qualified general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mutch has the skills and experience to treat more dental cases besides those related to physical discomfort in the oral cavity. Our patients enjoy the natural look and feel of fully restored teeth. If you or a loved one needs urgent dental care in Alhambras, Dr. Mutch may be available to provide the emergency treatment you need.

What is considered a dental emergency?

Any injury or problem that affects the health of your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues, resulting in severe pain or discomfort can be a considered serious enough to require urgent treatment. That said, there are other oral issues that may not have obvious symptoms like pain, but require immediate care before they get worse.

When you have such a problem, it is important that you seek dental assistance as soon as possible to preserve your oral health. Some dental problems that may require urgent care include:

  • Toothache
  • Damaged crown
  • Dislodged tooth
  • Broken braces and other dental appliances
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Abscessed tooth
  • Traumatic oral injury

If you’re in need of emergency dental services, we recommend that you call our office, as you’re on your way, so we can start preparing for emergency treatment before your arrival. When you arrive, Dr. Mutch will quickly examine your mouth and face, and take x-rays if necessary. The treatment administered will likely be temporary in nature, to eliminate the pain and discomfort, stop the bleeding, and prevent further damage. So you will be asked to schedule another appointment to complete the treatment.

If you have a dental emergency that needs immediate dental care, Dr. Mutch can help. She will discuss your problem and provide the necessary treatment and guidance to help restore your optimal oral health.

Please call our office at 626-282-2552 with any questions, or to schedule your dental appointment with Dr. Mutch, a top-rated dentist in Alhambra, CA.