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How is gum disease treated?

Gum disease is an oral condition characterized by swelling of the gums and, in more serious cases, weakening of the bone supporting your teeth. It all begins when plaque is left to build up on your teeth, creating a place for bacteria to thrive. This bacteria is what irritates the teeth and causes gum disease.

How is gum disease treated?

Most factors making your vulnerable to periodontal disease can be eliminated by maintaining a thorough daily oral hygiene routine i.e. brushing and flossing daily, and going for professional dental cleaning once every six months. A treated mouth rinse can be used for the old and people who can’t rely solely on brushing and flossing to improve gum disease symptoms or prevent it from developing.

Deep cleaning may be recommended for gingivitis that has developed into periodontitis and advanced periodontitis as the bacteria sitting in the deep pockets may not be addressed by ordinary dental cleaning. Sometimes this procedure is combined with flap surgery to ensure teeth are well exposed for thorough cleaning.

Grafts is another gum disease treatment that is used to cover tooth roots receding gums may have left exposed. Bare tooth roots are not only too soft to withstand daily brushing but also serve as an extra breeding ground for the gingivitis-causing bacteria.

The two advanced stages of gum disease can also be treated using laser therapy, which focuses laser beams into the deep pockets around your teeth where bacteria may be dwelling.

Medications used in gum disease

Special combinations and concoctions of antibiotics may be administered as a treatment for gum disease. One such antibiotic is Chlorhexidine, which is prescribed either as a mouth rinse or contained in pellets that release the treatment into deep pockets slowly over a period of about seven days.

Other drugs include xylocaine and NSAIDs, which are commonly used as pain drugs for chronic gingivitis and ANUG.

Gum treatment can be a serious and costly condition if left untreated. Andrew Mutch DDS specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions, including periodontal disease. Visit their office in Alhambra or call them at 626-282-2552 today to schedule an appointment and have your gum disease treated.

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